Naming Day Ceremonies are a wonderful way of welcoming your son or daughter into the close circle of family and friends that will surround your child with support and friendship throughout their growing years. A copy of the ceremony is provided for keepsake, as well as a Naming Certificate for your child. Mentors or godparents chosen will also be handed a keepsake certificate and given the opportunity to declare their promise of support to your child.


A Renewal of Vows ceremony is a great way to celebrate the strength of your commitment over the years. Perhaps you have a wedding anniversary approaching? There is nothing more romantic than renewing vows from your wedding day, or writing new vows for the future.


Commitment ceremonies have the same order and flow, options and inclusions as a wedding ceremony, just without the legal components of a marriage. Commitment ceremonies are truly meaningful and are a great way to declare your love for each other in celebration with your closest family and friends. As there is no legal requirement, we can write the ceremony to your desire.

"The reality of love is that love chooses us. It finds us in ways we never expected. Love chooses us, regardless of gender, regardless of how perfectly we may have life mapped out in our minds. Love can change our paths, our beliefs and give new life to absolutely anything. It is my hope that every couple’s love and marriage can be appreciated with the equality it deserves.” Anastasia Meek